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1 - 8 Science
       Grade 1 Science
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       Grade 3 Science
       Grade 4 Science
       Grade 5 Science
       Grade 6 Science
       Grade 7 Science
       Grade 8 Science
1- 8 English
       Grade 1 English
       Grade 2 English
       Grade 3 English
       Grade 4 English
       Grade 5 English
       Grade 6 English
       Grade 7 English
       Grade 8 English
1- 8 Maths
       Grade 1 Maths
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       Grade 3 Maths
       Grade 4 Maths
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       Grade 6 Maths
       Grade 7 Maths
       Grade 8 Maths
11 English and Math
11 Physics and Biology
12 Calculus
12 English
12 Physics, Biology and Chemistry
9 -10 science
9 English and Math

Grade 1 English

• Study Skills –
Identifying Capital letters and small letters. Ordering ABC and putting words in ABC order. Using and finding words in a Dictionary. Learning about words that have more than one meaning.

• Vocabulary –
Words that rhyme, words that mean the same, opposite words, identifying the right meaning and writing words that sound alike.

• Sentences –
Writing sentences. Combining sentences. Word order in sentences and sentences using NOT. Identifying and writing different types of sentences - Telling, Asking and Exclaiming.

• Grammar & Usage –
Naming words and Action Verb. Using She, He, We, and They. Identifying A or An. Words that describe Nouns and Verbs.

• Capitalization and Punctuation –
Writing Names of People and Places. Writing Titles of Respect. Writing Names of Days and Holidays. Writing names of Months. Writing Beginning Sentences and Ending Sentences. Using Commas in Lists, Place Names and Dates

• Composition –
Paragraphs, Main Ideas and Details. Writing Parts of a Letter


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