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1 - 8 Science
       Grade 1 Science
       Grade 2 Science
       Grade 3 Science
       Grade 4 Science
       Grade 5 Science
       Grade 6 Science
       Grade 7 Science
       Grade 8 Science
1- 8 English
       Grade 1 English
       Grade 2 English
       Grade 3 English
       Grade 4 English
       Grade 5 English
       Grade 6 English
       Grade 7 English
       Grade 8 English
1- 8 Maths
       Grade 1 Maths
       Grade 2 Maths
       Grade 3 Maths
       Grade 4 Maths
       Grade 5 Maths
       Grade 6 Maths
       Grade 7 Maths
       Grade 8 Maths
11 English and Math
11 Physics and Biology
12 Calculus
12 English
12 Physics, Biology and Chemistry
9 -10 science
9 English and Math

Grade 2 Maths (Nelson Mathematics)

Sorting & Patterning –
Describing patters, creating patterns and using grids

Number to 50 –
Identifying the missing numbers, skip count, and comparing numbers

Data Management –
Learning about graphs, pictograph & bar graph. Describing a graph, gathering data and using data to solve problems

Addition & Subtraction Strategies –
Writing number stories, learning about fact family and solving addition and subtraction problems. • Linear Measurement – Learning about height and length. Telling about sizes. Centimeters, meters and perimeters.

Place Value –
Comparing numbers, ordering numbers and using calculators.

2-D Geometry –
2 dimensional shapes, sorting out shapes, identifying sides, and vertices. Moving shapes – slides, turns and flips.

Two – Digit Adding & Subtraction –
Using pictures, numbers and words to add and subtract. Solving addition and subtraction sentences.

Multiplication & Division –
Grouping numbers, counting by 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Joining (multiplication) and separating (dividing) groups.

Measuring Time & Money –
Telling time – minute and hour, & counting coins – penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

3-D Geometry & Measurement –
Identifying 3-D shapes, describing 3-D shapes, measuring capacity and mass.

Fractions –
Learning about half, fourth/ quarter and thirds. Understanding how to share.

Probability –
Using the words unlikely, likely, and certain.

Patterns –
Drawing patterns, identifying patterns and organizing data with t-charts


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