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1 - 8 Science
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1- 8 English
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1- 8 Maths
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11 English and Math
11 Physics and Biology
12 Calculus
12 English
12 Physics, Biology and Chemistry
9 -10 science
9 English and Math

Grade 8 English

• Punctuation & Capitalization –
Using commas with dates, addresses and with a series. Using hyphens and parentheses. Uses of colon ad semicolon. Punctuating direct and indirect quotations. Using commas with nouns and direct address. Using ellipsis.

• Grammar & Usage –
Singular and plural nouns. Action words: Transitive and Intransitive verbs, and linking verbs. Joining words: coordinating and correlative conjunctions. Compound subjects and predicates. Making subjects and verbs agree. Comparison of adjectives and adverbs. Restrictive and non-restrictive clauses.

• Sentence Construction –
Types of sentences according to function. Simple and compound sentences. Subordinating conjunctions and complex sentences. Adverb clauses and complex sentences with adjective clauses. Combining sentences with prepositional phrases and writing concise sentences.

• Paragraph Construction –
Descriptive writing. Writing topic sentence, and placing the topic sentence. Transitional expressions and writing clear explanations. Developing paragraphs with examples and reasons.

• Composition Construction –
Audience and purpose. Personal Journaling. Choosing first, second and third person. Choosing and exploring a topic. Collecting information and putting ideas in order. Persuasive writing and narrative writing. Introducing an essay, and writing the thesis statement.


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