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1 - 8 Science
       Grade 1 Science
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       Grade 5 Science
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       Grade 7 Science
       Grade 8 Science
1- 8 English
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1- 8 Maths
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11 English and Math
11 Physics and Biology
12 Calculus
12 English
12 Physics, Biology and Chemistry
9 -10 science
9 English and Math

Grade 8 Maths

Number Relationship –
Identifying prime and composite numbers. Prime factorization, common factors and common multiples. Calculating powers and square root. Express expanded form and scientific notation. Order of Operations.

• Proportional Relationships –
Expressing fractions as decimals, multiplying and dividing decimals. Exploring ratio, rates and representing percent.

• Collecting, Organizing, and Displaying Data –
Organize and present data to solve problems and make decisions. Using histogram to describe appropriate data. Using means, medians, and modes to compare groups of data.

• Patterns & Relationships –
Identifying and discussing relationships within a number pattern. Using algebraic expressions to describe patterns and writing algebraic expression.

• Measurement of Circles –
Exploring circumference and diameter. Calculating circumference and area.

• Integers Operations –
Integer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Order of operation with integers.

• Transformation –
Coordinates of points of a grid, reflection and rotations. Exploring similar shapes.

• Equations & Relationships –
Solving equations by graphing, representing pattern relationships, creating and evaluating algebraic expressions.

• Fraction Operations –
Adding and subtracting fractions less than 1. Exploring fraction patterns and multiplying & dividing fractions. Understanding the rules for order of operations, and applying them to fraction calculations.

• Angles & Triangles –
Exploring points on a circle, identifying and applying the relationships between the measures of angles formed by intersecting lines. Angles in a triangle and angle properties of quadrilaterals. Right triangle rules and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

• Geometry & Measurement Relationships –
Surface area and volume of a cylinder. Determining how the number of faces, edges and vertices of a polyhedron are related.

Probability –
Exploring theoretical and experimental probabilities. Calculating probabilities and solving problems using organized lists.


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