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We accept students of all ages, from grade 1 – 12 and university.

We specialize in providing one-to-one / personalized tutoring services for preparing future university and college students as well as students who plan on going into the workplace

To enable our students do well in their school work and prepare to excel in their examinations, we offer a full range of academic and test preparation courses at all grades and levels.







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Subjects we covers:

Math grades 1-12 and University, including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics.
Science grades 1-12 and University, including Chemistry, Biology & Physics

What your tutor will do for you:

* Come to your house and work with you
* Help you to understand the material you are covering in your class at school
* Give you with the knowledge and skills you need to complete your homework and tests with confidence
* Solve all questions that you have related to homework and assignments
* Teach you the material in a way you understand
* Teach you how to learn the material
* Teach you how to study properly
* Assist you with taking and making notes
* Be available for extra lessons if needed around test time
* Do their best to increase your grades

If you have any questions about tutoring, or are looking to get started, please contact us today.

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