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Brilliant Tutor has helped my daughter achieve high academic results in math. The tutor was well prepared and knew exactly where my daughter was struggling. Now my daughter understands what she is learning and is very happy to sit down to do her homework. She has a better understanding of the concepts and formulas. Thank you for helping my child. Alexzandra’s Parents, Toronto, Ontario

Before Brilliant Tutor came to my house, my son would be very frustrated to do his homework. He didn’t like reading and would always make excuse during homework time. He started doing poorly in school until I called Brilliant Tutor @ Your Home. The tutor came to my home and helped my son with his homework right at our dinning table. The tutor helped him with reading difficulties, and showed him creative ideas on how to tackle big words. The tutor provided extra materials to help him improve and never gave up on him. Now my son has confident in reading, he would read to me every night. I am so proud of my son and it is all thanks to Brilliant Tutor.
Mahesh’s parents, Brampton, Ontario

The materials provided to Mike were excellent. The practice materials and workbooks helped him during extra study time and helped achieve high results. The tutor did not only assist Mike with school work, but she provided extra practice and made sure Mike was one step ahead. So now Mike has been motivated to be always one step ahead. We love what Brilliant Tutor has created at our home. We certainly would recommend Brilliant Tutor @Your Home.
Mike’s parent, North York, Ontario

I wanted to thank brilliant tutor’s effort in helping Keethy with extra help. At first Keethy hesitated, she didn’t want to have a tutor help her. She didn’t like the idea that she needed extra help. But we saw that she was struggling and convinced her to take up tutoring. We wanted a tutor to come to our home and teach my child in the safety of the home. We also wanted to be able to afford it. Brilliant Tutor was the right choice. It was affordable and they offer home tutoring. The tutor was brilliant, she knew her material and didn’t make Keethy feel that she needed extra help. We saw little by little improvement on Keethy. Now Keethy looks forward for her tutoring sessions and we know that she can look forward to it because the price is well affordable and we do not have to disappoint her.
Keethy’s mom, Vaughan, Ontario

Sukwinder is in grade 6 and he is doing fine in school. I knew he would be writing his EQAO in couple of months. I wanted to give Sukwinder extra help so he will be prepared on the day of the test. The tutor well prepared Sukwinder with EQAO. The tutor provided the necessary materials and developed Sukwinder to be ready for the big EQAO test. Sukwinder and I want to thank Brilliant Tutor for helping.
Sukwinder’s Parents, Toronto, Ontario

We initially wanted language help for James from Brilliant Tutor, and we had a language tutor come in to our home and help him with language help. However we realized that he was struggling with science. I was really worried about James’s science grade. So we called Brilliant Tutor and explained our situation. The next schedule class James was sitting with his science tutor at our dinning table. We were amazed with the amazing service Brilliant Tutor provided us with. Now James is excelling in science. Both the language and science tutor were professionals who were very strong in what they were teaching. Both tutors were well prepared. Thank you for helping James.
James’s Parents, Scarborough, Ontario

I am in grade 12 and I wanted to maintain a high average so I can get into University next year. I knew first semester marks would be counted during the application process that’s when I started to panic. I had calculus first semester and I had great difficulties understanding the concept and the math itself. I wanted a tutor that would explain it step by step. That’s when I heard about Brilliant Tutor. The tutor came to my home and the session was flexible with my timetable. My tutor had a degree in mathematics, which gave me confident that I will be learning from the best. But more than that, my tutor had a passion for teaching. I was given step by step explanation for all the solution. I was provided with extra materials for practice. When I went to write my tests in class I was confident that I will pass with top results. I applied for University and I got accepted to UFT. Thank you Brilliant Tutor.
Sinthuja Markham, Ontario

We are really pleased to say that we see a lot of improvement in Shelly. We are also pleased with your service. When we see Shelly’s improvement we can now connect to it since we have seen the hard work at our home by the Tutor. Seeing Shelly work hard with the tutor helps us motivate her to go forward. We would like to thank Shelly’s tutor for all the help. Shelly’s Parent’s Scarborough, Ontario

Karen is in grade 2 and was having difficulty with school over all. We tried to help her but with our schedule and day to day life we weren’t really a big help with her school work. We called Brilliant tutor and asked for a tutor to help my daughter with Math, English and Science. The tutor that was assigned to Karen was excellent. She knew how to cooperate with my 7 year old daughter. Karen had difficulties sitting in one place. But to my surprise Karen would sit during her tutoring session. She really loved her tutor and enjoyed learning. We can see Karen’s improvement and we are so happy for her. We are happy with Brilliant tutor and Karen says Thank you.
Karen’s Parent’s Mississauga, Ontario

I wanted to tell you that Brilliant Tutor @ Your Home helped Arun become strong in school. He enjoyed going to school but he wasn’t strong with his subject. He had difficulties concentrating in class and he would forget what he has learned at school. This became a huge problem and we needed a solution. We wanted someone to teach Arun at our home and help him concentrate. Brilliant Tutor came to our home and changed Arun’s struggles. Arun wasn’t struggling anymore. Thank you for helping Arun becomes struggle free.
Arun’s Parents Markham, Ontario

Anitha and Sanjeev are my children. They are both in different grades. Anitha is in grade 7 and she does not like Science. Sanjeev is in grade 9, he just started high school and the work load has increased and is having difficulties with Language. I wanted a tutor that could help both my children. I thought it would be difficult to find a tutor that can help with two different grades and two different subjects. I called Brilliant tutor and they assigned us with the perfect tutor. Our tutor had knowledge in both subject and was able to help both of my children together. I saw improvements in both of my child. I give Brilliant Tutor an A+.
Anitha’s and Sanjeev’s Mom, Toronto, Ontario

I could see Ajesh struggling in school. He’s in grade 10 and was very confused with school. He wanted to continue his courses in Science but he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. I wanted to help him so I called Brilliant Tutor. Ajesh’s tutor came to our home. I was able to monitor my son’s work and I knew that he was progressing. He started relating to science and was making a steady progress. Brilliant tutor was affordable and well worth it. Thank you!
Ajesh’s Parent, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I wanted a tutor that knew what I was learning at school. I didn’t want to do extra work that does not follow with what I learn in High School. I wanted help with grade 10 math. The tutor from Brilliant Tutor went to school in Ontario. The tutor had knowledge with the Ontario teaching curriculum and materials. The math that I was learning with the tutor helped me relate in class. I saw I was doing well with my tests and quiz. Thank you.
Warda, Markham, Ontario

Thank you Brilliant Tutor for helping Abi. We were impressed with the services provided to us. I know that we had to rearrange many classes and you were very patient with us and still provided with a tutor to fit our busy schedule. The tutor came to the safety of our home. Abi and I would like to say Thank you for all the help!
Abi’s Father, Mississauga, Ontario

Ahmed’s grades have been improving. He has reached high academic scores. He is now happy with his grades. He comes home with a smile everyday knowing that he understands what he is learning. He is happy to see A’s on his report card and I am thankful to Brilliant tutor for getting Ahmed to achieve A’s.
Ahmed’s Father, Etobicoke, Ontario

We wanted a tutor to come to our home and assist Tiffany with her school work. We didn’t like the idea of Tutoring Centre, and we didn’t want Tiffany to commute on the bus. We wanted Tiffany to learn at our home. We heard about Brilliant Tutor @ Your Home. The tutor came to our home and helped Tiffany with her challenges. The tutor was passionate and inspired Tiffany to learn and come over her challenges. Thank you for the help Brilliant Tutor.
Tiffany’s Parents Brampton, Ontario

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