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We specialize in providing one-to-one / personalized tutoring services for preparing future university and college students as well as students who plan on going into the workplace

To enable our students do well in their school work and prepare to excel in their examinations, we offer a full range of academic and test preparation courses at all grades and levels.

We provide personalized, one-to-one tutoring services for high school grades 10, 11 and 12 in a wide variety of courses including :

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12
Geometry & Discrete Mathematics
Mathematics of Data Management

We also provide summer programs that are designed to give the student a preview to the upcoming academic year. This will build confidence and improve the student’s long-term recall of key topics, within the course.

We serve the following areas
- Toronto
- Mississauga
- Brampton
- Etobicoke
- Oakville

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