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We specialize in providing one-to-one / personalized tutoring services for preparing future university and college students as well as students who plan on going into the workplace

Why Choose Brilliant Tutor
- You know that your son / daughter can do better, and you want the best available education.
- Your son / daughter needs more challenges in school.
- You want to see the confidence of your son / daughter grow.
- More parents turn to Joseph High School Tutoring than any other tutor.
- The future of your son / daughter is your first priority and you want him / her to get the highest grades to be admitted to   any post-secondary institution of his/her choice.

Why We Are Successful
Brilliant Tutor is successful because it provides highly individualized, one-to-one instruction in the comfort and security of your home, free from distractions.

Tutoring sessions may also be scheduled at community centers, libraries or any other location of your convenience.

Brilliant Tutor have experienced degreed professionals and certified teachers with impeccable credentials and a heartfelt enthusiasm for teaching.

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