I needed help for my son who was falling behind in his math class, Kuna set me up with a tutor who was very beneficial and patient. During our assessment, he becomes attentive and simply involved as I talk my worries with him. He found the best teacher for our wishes and after a few months, I noticed vast development from my son's attitude in the direction of faculty and received tremendous comments from his school teachers.

Kerry Costa
Toronto, Ontario

My time as a mentor at Brillant Tutor was a very positive one because of the students I got to work with as well as the staff at the Brillant Tutor. Kuna really cares about his staff, which goes the way they interact with the students. He ensures that its employees receive sufficient resources and a great deal of relevant information about the students. It is supportive and calm, and the characteristics of the employer are much appreciated. I recommend Brillant Tutor as a useful resource for students as well as a great place to work for tutors.

Kyle Williams
Kitchener, Ontario

I was very pleased with Brilliant Tutor! They are inexpensive and our plan works fine. My son has changed so much over the last year, graduating with a honor from Grade 8. He got along with his mentor so well, and felt so confident as to ask questions. We will continue at high school with Brilliant Tutor.

Judy Johnson
Toronto, Ontario

My son’s tutor never gave up on him. Now my son has confidence in reading. I am so proud of my son and it is all thanks to Brilliant Tutor.

Krugan Theva
Markham, Ontario

The tutor… knew exactly where my daughter was struggling….Thank you for helping my child.

Andrew Hack
North York, Ontario

My Son tutor "Jacob" gives my son more confidence in reading… I am so proud of him and my son and it is all thanks to Brilliant Tutor.

Adam Stanley
Scarborough, Ontario

" The materials provided to Mike were excellent. The practice materials and workbooks helped him during extra study time and helped achieve high results. The tutor did not only assist Mike with school work, but she provided extra practice and made sure Mike was one step ahead. So now Mike has been motivated to be always one step ahead. We love what Brilliant Tutor has created at our home. We certainly would recommend Brilliant Tutor @Your Home. "

Angelina Taylor
North York, Ontario